Thursday, May 24, 2012


Pretty much all that's left of Occupy!Denver:

A quarter-block of tarps and sleeping bags along 14th Avenue.

And another little hunk along Broadway.

That's it. No tents.

Sneak in a pic of the new Colorado Supreme Court building across 14th from the occupoopers. Mmmmm, pointy. Still, it's nicer than the old Supreme Court building.

Closeup along Broadway.


One supposes this is meant as a searing indictment.

Workers have torn out all the old sod at Civic Center, but you can still see where occupod tents were pitched under the trees. It's almost like those sidewalk shadows of people on the streets of Hiroshima after The Bomb was dropped.

In a fine example of the circle of life, however, bodies of occupods were efficiently converted into sod to replant the park.

Update: The recently enacted Denver "camping" ban, by the way, takes effect next Tuesday. It's very compassionate.

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