Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why is everybody always pickin' on me?

Westword's "Off Limits" page this week notices that Wart wrote the foreword to the comic book 500 Years of Resistance, about--well, I'm sure you can figure it out. Churchill, careful scholar that he is, says he received the invitation to write the foreword "with a considerable degree of skepticism," but overcame it after he found the book to be, shockingly, "a revelation."

Enough of a revelation that the foreword, according to Westword, is 13 pages long. One assumes that doesn't include footnotes. The Wart-lavin' Westword (Michael Roberts?) is unusually snarky (tho still very mild) in this little tidbit.

Small stuff: Your darling D-blog (not to mention the Pirate with the Parrot from Petticoat Junction) had this story almost three months ago--though not any quotes from the foreword, since the book just came out.

Second, why do I keep seeing assertions like this: "In 2009, a judge found that Churchill had been wrongfully fired; he was awarded $1 in damages . . . "

A judge? Naves found that Wart was wrongfully fired? I don't think so.

JWP has a bigger hunk from the piece (and had it first, the spalpeen).

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