Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Perez perorates

In her testimony at Wart's reinstatement hearing. The Post:
The chair of the ethnic studies department at the University of Colorado testified this morning that Ward Churchill is needed back on campus and he won't be a disruption.

"They are lining up to take classes with Ward," Emma Perez said. "In the academy throughout the nation people see Ward as a hero."
It's funny 'cause it's true.

Update: John Aguilar is live-blogging for the Gamera. I like this from tiny Trot Tommy Mayer's testimony:
Retired CU sociology professor Tom Mayer was next to testify. He appeared in the courtroom.

"I think Ward is a necessary presence at the University of Colorado," Mayer testified. "Ward is one of the most effective people I've ever encountered to get people to think critically about the important issues of the day. Ward is the kind of guy you can disagree with and he'll still treat you in a respectful way."
See typical respectful Wart-quote at the top of this blog.

Update II: Wart testifies. Same old shit.

Update III: Bore-jocks Caplis and Silverman are playing Ward's examination by CU attorney Patrick O'Rourke right now. O'Rourke is hammering Chutch about his claim that money was not important for him in the case. As in the trial, Judge Naves is consistently overruling Chutch attorney David Lane, and Lane doesn't like it. Listen here.

Silverman: Judge Naves appears to have his mind made up. Mebbe.

Caplis apparently isn't there yet.

On the issue of whether Wart would be disruptive of CU's "collegiality" if he's reinstated, O'Rourke taxes Churchill with some of his and David Lane's statements, among them: Ward's that a bunch of homeless people under a bridge were more qualified than anyone at CU; that CU was becoming a "glorified voc-ed"; that CU faculty "hid under their desks" when they should have supported him; and Lane's statement that if "anyone looks at Ward cross-eyed" they'd be back in court.

Silverman has called O'Rourke's cross "brilliant" at least three times already. Please.

Caplis shows. Silverman predicts Naves will say Ward won't get his job back, give him a few hundred thou.

I could live with that.

Naves has adjourned court. He'll issue a written ruling "by this time next week," Silverman says.
Courtroom reporter on O'Rourke's performance: "People were asking, "Where was that O'Rourke during the trial?"

C & S are interviewing David Lane. "If they give him a bad office, we could legally sue; if they give him untenable classes, we can sue; if they micromanage his teaching, we can sue."

"Examining his scholarship is not actionable unless its retaliatory." Lane and Ward are at a bar. "My prediction is that on Monday Larry Naves will say Ward Churchill gets his job back."

Apparently Dan and Dave have a bet on who wins. Dan asks Dave if he eats meat. "Not really; you'll have to buy me some crab legs or something . . ." Dan says he doesn't think he'll have to.

Apparently they interviewed O'Rourke too. I missed it.

Caplis, typically: "I think CU has shined in this." God.

Update IV: Westword's Wart-supporting 60s relic Michael Roberts gives Caplis and Silverman shit; Benjie gives him big wet kisses in comments.

Update V: JWP at Pirate Ballerina notes DU law blog Race to the Bottom's increasingly slavish Wart-love.

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